10 Important SEO Trends of 2019 you must follow

Must Follow Trends To Follow In SEO

A website yielding no results is useless. The main aim to design a website is to generate traffic. Generation of traffic can bring SEO for the site. If these parameters are unfulfilled, then the main aim of having a website is lost. It is as good as having no website at all for the concerned company. Web presence which does not satisfy the requirements of web presence for the concerned company is of no use. There are few strategies and tactics which can be employed to bring successful SEO results.

Be aware of the target audience and understand them

What does the audience prefer? This is a simple question but if you know the answer to this question, then most part of the SEO is done. Whether the customers like text, audio, or video; is a part which should be known to the company. If the website has been beautifully crafted and yet caters to a wrong audience, the effort is gone wasted. On the contrary, if the site is enhancing the audience search results, Google will definitely feature it in the top ranking pages. Google has also reflected a shift in the keyword intent. Thus the

SEO experts have to shift their keyword search and create the ones which compliment the latest trend.

Take all search engines’ perspectives

Often Google is considered to be the best option to judge SEO and then make amendments in the site so that Google pages can be targeted. But the year 2019 will not belong to Google only. The SEO will have to adjust according to other search engines as well. People search for podcasts, apps, videos, etc. and the search results should also show them the diversity. Thus SEO has to expand and cover other platforms also.

Use of structured data

If Google aims to move from mobile list to an A-list, then it has to give importance to Structured data. Even if the Al is good yet if it takes more than required time to crawl, then the visitor is surely going to lose interest and move on. Al should be fast in processing. Understanding structured data is also very important.

Create quality content

Content is still the king. Even 2019 SEO trends show that the website which has exceptional and credible content will get visibility in the top ranking pages of the search engines. Just writing a blog to keep the site alive and moving does not guarantee any reward but feeding the blog with an exceptional and informative piece of writing can do the trick.

Take care of technical SEO side also

Elements like speed, JavaScript, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) should be in place. any site which is slow in loading does not have a great future in terms of SEO.

On-Page Optimization also rules

This is still an important trend to follow for SEO in 2019 also. the content on the page has to be clear, precise, and non-repetitive. The question-answer format is very popular and garners great results.


These are some of the SEO trends which will rule 2019 and the sites should be SEO ready to yield great results.

The Complete Guide for Being an SEO Expert

The internet marketing industry is booming in Dubai and as a result, many tech-savvy are turning to SEO, as it is integral to internet marketing. If you want to become an SEO expert in Dubai, it is not as difficult as many believe it to be.

Here are a few tips to help you turn into an expert SEO in Dubai:

Focus on Your Website

If you are running an online business, you need to ensure your target audience can find you. This is where SEO comes into play. Your website presents a wonderful opportunity to hone your SEO skills. Find the right keywords and terms to optimise your website so that it begins showing up in local search results.

Analyse the keywords that get you the maximum organic traffic and focus on them. Remember, do not opt for highly competitive terms as your site will get lost. Instead, focus on terms that are not very competitive, but still have a sizable search volume.

Brush Up on the Basics of SEO

It is prudent to remember that Google keeps changing its ranking criteria. Hence, you should always be looking to learn and update your knowledge of SEO. Understand the KPIs, data analysis, and analytics. You should know how to identify the right keywords while also analysing competitor websites.

SEO is more than just keywords. You also need to know the nuances of on-page SEO, technical optimization, site architecture and developing high-quality and relevant content. You also need to get backlinks as that is an essential component of SEO.

Actively Search for Expert SEO in Dubai

If you are unaware of the basics of SEO, you can actively search for SEO experts in Dubai. You can work with these experts to get hands-on experience in SEO and learn as you go along developing your website. However, there is little scope for errors. So, tread carefully.

For many online marketers, learning to do their own SEO is time-consuming. This is the reason they look to hire a reputable, reliable and professional SEO expert in Dubai so that the professional can optimise their website for readers and search engines.

Read 10 Tips on How to choose right SEO Company in Dubai

best seo company in dubai 

The SEO consulting in the areas of Dubai is on the rise and Dubai as a city is also having a terrific progress with its global commerce landmark growing. If a Dubai SEO company really wants to exist in this market, then they should be perfectly aware of the importance of the website traffic for the business. To increase the traffic there are many factors which are used by the SEO companies, some are social media linking and link building.

The amount of the send and receivable data by the visitors of the website is technically what website traffic means and this traffic is very essential part of the SEO of Dubai. One must have the knowledge of SEO before one understands the increasing or improving the traffic of the website.

The best SEO Company in Dubai will always offer the best services at the most affordable prices. As the business gradually grows one must understand that marketing activities increases in volume and gets a better budget. One’s company can spread its wings far beyond one’s present reach by using internet resources and proper SEO consulting. There are 5 Fundamental Principles, Explained Below:


If one has to manage first grade SEO consulting one needs the first-grade consultants and one should know that talent has a price. The best SEO companies will ensure that anyone who works on one’s website is a trained and efficient hand at work as this is achieved by careful referencing and selective recruitment.


The key to success is the strategy and planning of the company as one cannot just put up a website and expect great profits without proper planning and homework.


Managing a website efficiently is impossible without proper fund management. Client’s budget plays a big role so if they want a budget package then one can arrange that by customizing the packages.


A good SEO Company firm will always be flexible to its clients by customizing their packages and offers. Being flexible is the key for a website developer if they want to succeed. From such flexible marketing plans and budgets, the Dubai based businesses will also benefit a great deal.


SEO consulting is like conventional marketing on an unconventional platform as it also optimizes one’s brand. It ensures maximum gain from website promotion through unique and effective consulting.



A great way to optimize for the keyword phrase is by putting it in one’s domain name.


One can put the keyword phrase into their URLs even if one can’t get the keyword phrase into their domain name.


Search engine spiders and screen readers are accessible to accessible HTML. It will be easier for the search engines to read and rank the pages if the pages are more accessible.


The description Meta tag is used as the description in their index by the search engines. It is very crucial to accurately describe the pages as it helps customers in finding one’s pages and for search engines to index them.


It all starts with a great content. If one’s content isn’t good even with all the keywords in the world the search engines won’t be able to help, and people won’t stick around on one’s site as well.


One needs to provide different and unique information in their content in comparison to other sites and one’s counterparts. One of the most important things is to be able to write a unique content.


Sites which rarely add new contents on a regular basis are seen far less than those who add on a regular basis and they are even considered more reliable. To increase the amount of relevant content on one’s site one should add updates with the contents which in-turn improves one’s rankings.


One should pick a keyword phrase which is popular but not extremely popular as it might be very competitive as well.


Keyword density is described as the ratio of one’s keywords to the rest of the text on their page. Primary keyword’s density should be between 3-7% and for secondary keyword around 1-2%.


To increase one’s reputation one should link their sites with reputable sites.


Top level domains have a large number of credibilities like .edu and .gov sites. So, if one links their sites with these then their site’s credibility automatically increases.


One should describe the services and products of the company through valuable content. This process will help one in finding themselves in higher ranking in search engines like Google.

Bring Your Websites to the Top Ranking with Best SEO Packages !

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Days of the conventional marketing are over! The very basic marketing strategy is to promote your business at the place where the majority of people spend most of their time. And we know where people are spending most of their time these days, its internet. Internet is the best place where your business can be seen easily by your target audience. Due to this, there is a rise in the trend of digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies make sure that your business website is seen by maximum number of people. They do so by optimizing your website to get top ranking on search engine result pages.

High ranking on the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing drives more traffic to your website. First 5 search results get about 60% search traffic hence it is important for your business to rank within first 5 positions. Getting top ranking on trusted search engines builds trust and confidence for your brand in mind of customers.

Out of various digital marketing techniques, Search Engine Optimization is the most popular one. SEO drives organic traffic to your website and increase conversion rates. There are plenty of SEO techniques such as on page SEO, off page SEO, PPC, content planning, keyword research, local SEO, and analytics. SEO packages in Dubai include these services. Integration of these SEO techniques helps you achieve desired results.

SEO companies have years of experience in implementing SEO strategies and they know which tactics and techniques to use for your website to get high ranking on search engine. You have to find the best SEO company that offers most affordable SEO packages in Dubai. A Good SEO company is the one that keeps itself updated with current trends, new optimization tactics, and change in search engine algorithms. First, you should find a reputed SEO agency, and then decide the type of services you need depending on your business and target audience. To find a good SEO company asks for recommendations, take advice from industry experts and look for a local SEO service provider.

Other than SEO, leading SEO companies offer digital marketing services like content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, asset and ad design, website design and website development. A good SEO company will guide you regarding the digital marketing services you should avail in order to grow your business.

6 Effective Tips to Write Blog That Will Help Your Post to Get High

As the new age of the internet has taken over since the past few years, It is important for us to understand the different aspects of the online world. As the website acts as a planet, the blogs or the content in it becomes the core. The importance it has makes it the core of the website.

The blogs should never be underestimated as it can do wonders for any website which results in a lot of traffic drawn to it.

Here are some tips which one can use in order to make a blog which will have a huge impact, creating good traffic.

  • The Title  One should focus on the title and make it as catchy as possible. But one should also make sure to add the keywords in the title to get the maximum results for the website’s traffic. To know the keywords which are the best for your site is not an easy task. To get the best keywords for your website one can go and visit any good SEO agency in Dubai


  • Consistency  Another tip for the bloggers to increase the traffic to their website is to regularly post their blogs. If one uploads the blog sporadically then it will fail to create any traffic to the website.


  • Quantity The length of the blogs also make a noticeable difference. Keeping the blog short and on point will yield the best results. As the long and vague blogs will have no impact whatsoever.


  • Commenting Making comments on the various blog sites can help you get noticed and hence increase the traffic eventually. So spreading the word for your blog can draw the traffic for you.


  • Trendy Making the relevant blogs will keep the readers interested and intrigued. So make sure to touch the viral or trending current topics. It is not easy to keep yourself updated with all the viral topics going around in the world of internet. One can consult an SEO agency in Dubai who can take care of that.


  • Social Media – Take the help of the various social media platforms to advertise about the blog so that the people will get aware of the blog’s existence. This can make the blog blossom and can give a huge boost to the popularity of the blog.