8 SEO Common Mistakes You Should Avoid on Your Website

Website optimization is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Due to the evolving Search engine algorithms, it is not that easy to sustain your position on the top if you still making mistakes. It’s important to keep track of your mistakes so that you can make better improvements.

Here are some common SEO mistakes that you should avoid because it may disturb your website’s status.

1.Poor link structure – when your website starts growing you may get encounter by some basic internal link errors. You may have heard about the value that internal links provide to your website.

  • Helpful in conversions
  • Gives authority to all Web Pages that are hidden deep on your website.
  • Increase the reading and interactive material for the user.
  • It’s important to maintain a good quality of link structure so that the website will get maximum users.

2. A website with slow speed – million searches happen within a sec, so Google is in a hurry, and Google only wants to give the best user experience. So if your website is slow in the loading speed, its guarantee that your website will not rank well. It’s important to make sure the loading speed of your website. And If you feel the need to rank your website in quick time then SEO services company is in top ranking.

3. A plethora of ads – earning through advertisements is enough good ideas, but not when your whole website is covered with lots of ads. If the ads are connected with the content, so it seems quite difficult to separate them. Google considers it a bad experience for the user and your rankings will go down.

4. Small business promotion – most of the big brands are already present at the top. And if you have just started your business, it’s quite difficult to compete with these big brands. It’s not matters that you have good prices and quality products if you are not ZARA you cannot come in the most competitive search terms. This is the only reason why you need experts in Seo services in Dubai with their knowledge and expertise your site will rank up with the big boys.

5. No fresh content – Google always looks for updated or fresh content. Somehow if Google finds out the old content, he will find another website. Don’t make duplicate content, only fresh content will ensure your rankings. Try to create, by reading the blogs of other’s websites.

6. Not considering the paid media – as an SEO service provider, do you even know what are those keywords your client is using for their search? Are you using the same keywords while promoting via the ads? SEO services can discover important keywords that can drive the most clicks.

7. Not regularly updating your website – this is our biggest mistake that we are not updating our website. Duplicate content and broken links both are common mistakes.

8. Hide the text – Google finds the texts, and add into its database. There is a practice of hiding the text so only search bots can find, this may result in the banning of your website.

Still, lots of people make mistakes. Never worry about making mistakes, but finds a good solution for that. There are so many SEO services; you may consult about your website

7 Effective SEO Techniques That Work in 2019

The SEO process is updated frequently nowadays. The word SEO is dynamic in nature. Seo services considered all the techniques to work effectively for their clients. Here are the best SEO techniques that work in 2019 to something amazing.

If you want to be at the top every year you should adapt fast and work accordingly.

1. Make long posts for your blog – from the past time, content is the important factor for a good ranking on the search page results. However, we cannot miss the length of the content. An in-depth blog helps you to ensure rankings. it’s not a magic that long posts will bring ranking, no you need to work by making a balance between every SEO technique.

2. Effective use of Bucket Bridge – it’s not like that only articles and stuffed keywords will help. But it’s the quality time that the visitor spends on your website. Provide them compelling content will be helpful. Bucket bridge technique convinces users to stay on your page. Make sure your content should be smooth and relatable.

3. Update your old content– old relevant content can also cook well for you. Go through the old content and find relevant articles, you can add a few more details and make it SEO friendly. This technique also helps to reach a wider audience in the meantime.

4. Quality backlinks– The high authoritative website’s link increases the trustworthiness of your website. Search engines find quality backlinks as a sign of reliability. Social media, guest blogging helps you to find quality links. But sometimes a spammed link put an adverse influence on the reputation of your website. So always make sure all incoming links. If you are not so expert in it, you can consult SEO services company, for better advice.

5. Keyword research– with proper keyword research you can find what the audience is searching for. Based on you can edit your content. While listing keywords, do not use more generic words, be more specific and descriptive, and prefer to use ling tails keywords.

6. The rank brain-friendly content – rank brain is an algorithm used by Google to enhance search ranking. When a query is asked, the rank brain reads the query and tries to understand like a human. This breaks down the query and shows results not only to the first query but also includes the keywords of the second query. Your content should be optimized according to the Rank brain, and try to use medium tail keywords.

7. Proper analysis of the website’s SEO – take time and analyze the point where your website is not maintained properly. This audit will help you to finds the current state, page titles, descriptions, spam scores, etc.

A synopsis for best SEO techniques in 2019, definitely fetches something good for your website. Seo services might be a good destination for the SEO services or SEO Company both works with the updated techniques of SEO with full client satisfaction.

5 Key Steps to Improve Your SMO Quality

Due to the huge growth in the social network, it became easy to draw traffic from social media like bookmarking sites. Now SMO becomes more important because it helps in SEO. Social media helps to draw traffic from social sites as well as from the search engine.

Although the SEO service in Dubai is increasing day by day because of the need to rank on the first page of Google. The demanding need for SEO services UAE attracts the competition and desire to be an expert in the field.

Steps to improve your SMO quality:

1 Brand Reputation – brand reputation is the first necessary part of your business. Who you are and how you work both parts important role. Production of original content, based on quality makes you a more reliable or respected source in the market.

Politeness, respect being humble with the customers helps you to build the reputation and ultimate engagement of the audience for your brand.

2. Give value for Authorship– you will get Google Authorship if you would be trusted by the audience and search engine feel interesting. This aspect leads to the creation of valuable content. You can also enhance your chances by sharing your content on social sites. Example a post has received 2,000 plus and 2000 plus tweets. You can imagine these are a fair number of people who found the article is worth time investing.

3. Fair Engagement – effective engagement with your audience is important to make your brand trustworthy. Commenting, mentions, shares, likes all help to provide a fair image of your brand to the right audience. You can also use “Call for action “like comment or share if you like.

This will help you to enhance your credibility

4. The building of social Networks – the building of social networking is becoming important day by day. it provides the fair interaction of the public and you can easily promote your brand. You need to build a social network based on quality. audience like who read, comment and get engaged in the debates or share ideas make easy for you to attract more audience.

5. Technical Optimization

There is some thought that proves technical and practical aspects are more important factors that help you to optimize your SMO. In your startup, you need to make a better presence on the Google page. You can go for an SEO services company Dubai. These are trusted companies that provide quality work from experts.

You can make easy for the audience by adding share buttons, social icons, subscription groups, sharable content, and the option for social logins. You can put more value by adding Images with title tags.

FINAL STATEMENT – qualitative work always leads to success. Your website needs to be optimized to get a higher rank on the first page of Google. You can go for SEO services Company in Dubai; they provide services from the experts. SEO services in Dubai and SEO services in UAE are in high demand because of the increasing approach for a well-optimized website.

7 Reasons Why Infographics Matter a Lot in SEO

If we talk about the infographics then in the previous years they were on the priority list by social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and Instagram.

We can’t deny the fact that they are the easiest source to disseminate the information regarding your brand in a short period. Top SEO companies in Dubai reveals the scope of Infographics use to the companies and the organizations. You can truly generate traffic from the use of infographics for your website. The fate of website optimization never goes down; even the best SEO Company Dubai works by keeping an important point in the highlights.

Benefits of Infographics:

How amazing it will be when a single picture describes your message to the large population. Infographics are the combination of pictures and word that helps you to draw the attention of the target audience. Here are some benefits of Infographics:

With the help of well designed Infographic, you can visually present your message to the target audience in a creative way. These infographics are an attention drawer in nature.

Infographics play an important role in the search engine ranking. They can be used with the combination of other web elements.

With the use of Infographic, we can easily convert boring material to enjoyable and understandable.

The population is getting smarter day by day and demands something unique and informational. Here infographics take attention and add effectiveness in the content to smartphones etc.

Reason for using Infographics in SEO-

Link building plays an important role in search engine optimization. These infographics part an important role in the link building. if we compare infographics with other web methods, infographics always draw attention and increase the process of link building. Top SEO companies in Dubai nowadays focus more on the use of infographics.

Public likes, something that compels them to like. This is the reason behind the popularity of infographics.

Work as an effective marketing tool – infographics made its special place in digital marketing, as a good digital marketing tool. The online audience is becoming more interested in the content with the value, information, and humor. Infographics provide visual content with the information. This is the reason, why most of the online business owners and digital marketers use this as its important tool for ranking. Although the best SEO Company Dubai can help you to get top ranking on the first page of Google.

Spread information in a short time

A picture can reveal information more than written from if it is well-formed and organized. Well created infographics play a better role in the communication for describing the brand or product. As per the saying of the digital marketers, “you can increase brand awareness as well as boost the traffic with great percentage with the use of well-formed Infographics.

Helps in effective inbound marketing – Use of Infographics helps to generate other opportunities in the field of inbound marketing. The important point here is the feed infographic with the required information. You can go for the strategy of the best SEO Company in Dubai.

5 SEO Strategies That Can Improve the Site’s Appearance

Presently, Google Webmaster tools help you to come up with exclusive features using which you can promote your site online achieving a better ranking in the search engines. In this regards, you need to consult with a Search Engine Optimization consultant who helps you to get familiar with all positive aspects. Thus, you can now feel confident knowing your business gets good recognition online.

5 ways Google Webmaster Tools Improve your Site’s SEO

Once you start using Google Webmaster tools you can comprehend the real-time benefits and you can come up with exclusive SEO strategies. Here are mentioned the way Google Webmaster tool is improving your site’s appearance online:

  • You have to search the keywords and you can take help of Google Index where you can get the keywords and you can choose the good ones that increase the visibility of your site. An SEO expert must have a clear idea of how to choose keywords ensuring that they are the best for a specific website.
  • Structured data is another tool, which explains your site’s content to the search engines. Thus, your site gets easily detected and you can now get a good position that improves your site’s appearance. GWT comes up with a feature that shows the structured data and you find it easy to get listed in the top pages.
  • Next, you can use the Structured Data Marker Helper that makes it easy to tag the data fields for different events, products, etc. on your site. It’s a point-and-click tool, which is easy to use and now you can get all desired results.
  • Remove URLs feature is another useful option of Google Webmasters tools. It helps you to remove URLs from Google Index and thus you can now maintain a proper length of the URL. This is a very powerful tool and you need to use this with proper care.
  • The Sitemaps section is another important part of Google Webmaster tools that allows you to view all the sitemaps, which you have added. You can view the maps along with statistics such as the last date when it was processed, the number of pages submitted, etc. You can view these statistics in the form of content, image, news, etc.

So, you get a clear view of 5 ways you can use the Google Webmasters tools ensuring that you boost your site’s SEO. Also, you can now turn out with effective SEO strategies that give you the confidence to continue promoting your site online.

Finding a Reputed SEO Agency in Dubai

Now, it’s time to find a reputed SEO agency Dubai that helps you to get access to all beneficial solutions. You can also go through the online reviews learning previous users’ experiences and thus you can make the right choice.

Finally, you can explore the usability of the tools that give your site the ultimate recognition and you can become a successful entrepreneur. Simply, you need to hire an expert who is well-familiar with the tools and thus can use the features in the right way.

10 Important SEO Trends of 2019 you must follow

A website yielding no results is useless. The main aim to design a website is to generate traffic. Generation of traffic can bring SEO for the site. If these parameters are unfulfilled, then the main aim of having a website is lost. It is as good as having no website at all for the concerned company. Web presence which does not satisfy the requirements of web presence for the concerned company is of no use. There are few strategies and tactics which can be employed to bring successful SEO results.

Be aware of the target audience and understand them

What does the audience prefer? This is a simple question but if you know the answer to this question, then most part of the SEO is done. Whether the customers like text, audio, or video; is a part which should be known to the company. If the website has been beautifully crafted and yet caters to a wrong audience, the effort is gone wasted. On the contrary, if the site is enhancing the audience search results, Google will definitely feature it in the top ranking pages. Google has also reflected a shift in the keyword intent. Thus the

SEO experts have to shift their keyword search and create the ones which compliment the latest trend.

Take all search engines’ perspectives

Often Google is considered to be the best option to judge SEO and then make amendments in the site so that Google pages can be targeted. But the year 2019 will not belong to Google only. The SEO will have to adjust according to other search engines as well. People search for podcasts, apps, videos, etc. and the search results should also show them the diversity. Thus SEO has to expand and cover other platforms also.

Use of structured data

If Google aims to move from mobile list to an A-list, then it has to give importance to Structured data. Even if the Al is good yet if it takes more than required time to crawl, then the visitor is surely going to lose interest and move on. Al should be fast in processing. Understanding structured data is also very important.

Create quality content

Content is still the king. Even 2019 SEO trends show that the website which has exceptional and credible content will get visibility in the top ranking pages of the search engines. Just writing a blog to keep the site alive and moving does not guarantee any reward but feeding the blog with an exceptional and informative piece of writing can do the trick.

Take care of technical SEO side also

Elements like speed, JavaScript, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) should be in place. any site which is slow in loading does not have a great future in terms of SEO.

On-Page Optimization also rules

This is still an important trend to follow for SEO in 2019 also. the content on the page has to be clear, precise, and non-repetitive. The question-answer format is very popular and garners great results.


These are some of the SEO trends which will rule 2019 and the sites should be SEO ready to yield great results.

10 Essential SEO Factors That Are Must for Ranking

SEO requirements are constantly changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest developments. But if you want your site to receive traffic, you should be aware. Well-optimized sites over time receive more and more traffic, which means more potential customers and sale. Without SEO, search engines will not be able to find your website, and all your hard work will be in vain.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the most crucial SEO ranking factors you need to dominate your search.

1. A secure and accessible site
Not surprisingly, the first of our SEO ranking factors are related to the correct URL type. In particular, this is the URL that Google bots can easily find and crawl. In other words, Google must be able to visit the URL and view the content of the page to begin to understand what this page is about. To help bots, you will need:

A robots.txt file that tells Google where it can and cannot find information about the site.

A site map that lists all your pages. If you are working with a WordPress site, you can customize a sitemap through Yoast SEO. If not, you can use the site map generator online.

2. Page speed (including mobile page speed)
Page speed has been identified as one of the main factors ranking SEO for many years. Google wants to improve the user experience on the Internet, and fast-loading web pages will definitely do that.

Google announced an update to the search engine speed-oriented mobile page algorithm that will begin to affect websites from July 2018. If your site does not load quickly on mobile devices, it can be penalized. Use Google’s mobile testing tool to see how your site is loaded.

3. Mobile First Index
Mobility is another important factor in SEO ranking of website promotion, which is definitely worth it from SEO consultants Dubai. More people are using mobile devices than desktop computers to access the Internet, and this is one of the reasons for the change in how Google ranks search results.

What you should pay attention to:

1. Do you have a responsive website that automatically resizes to fit the device?

2. Do you use large fonts for easy reading on a small screen?

3. Accessibility and ease of navigation, including easier access to the menu

4. Ensuring that the main content is not hidden from intermediate advertising

5. Find out more mobile-friendly design tips to improve ranking in Google search in our guide to improving conversion rates for mobile devices.

4. Domain Age, URL, and Permissions
Did you know that almost 60% of sites that are in the top ten Google rankings are three years old or more? A research data on two million pages show that very few sites younger than a year reach this ranking. So if you have had your website for some time, and you have optimized it using the tips from this article, this is already an advantage.

In some cases, the domain name matters. Although Google has penalized exact-matched domains (those in which the target keyword is in the URL), such punishment is usually applied to spam sites with thin content.

5. Optimized content
We already talked a lot about content and ranking factors in SEO. This is because this is one of the most important search ranking factors (right there, with links, user experience, and Rank Brain, which we’ll get to soon). One SEO ranking factor that leads to the negative ranking is duplicate content. For SEO, fresh, original content is always better. And if you have similar content, tell Google which one should be considered the most authoritative using canonical URLs.

6. Technical SEO
Earlier, we said that getting the right code is one of the aspects of SEO site optimization for improving search engine rankings. Here are some aspects to look out for:

1. Use key phrases in the page headlines, and it is there that Google first looks to determine which content belongs to which search. You will see the page title in the first line of the search results entry.

2. Use title tags to show the content hierarchy. If your heading is formatted as h1, then use the subtitles h2 or h3.

3. Create a Meta description that simultaneously attracts readers and includes your key phrase or takes help of SEO agency. Meta-descriptions should be short and comfortable.

7. User Experience (Rank Brain)
For a while, Google has been using artificial intelligence to increase the ranking of web pages. He calls this Rank Brain factor. It includes several signals that affect your search engine rankings.

1. Click through rate- number of people in the percent who click to visit your site after the entry appears in the search results.

2. Bounce rate is the number of people who closed your site again, which basically means that your site did not give them what they wanted. To deal with this problem, you can take the help of SEO consultants.

3. Waiting time- how long the visitors stay on your site after their arrival.

8. Reference
At best, when a reputable site includes a relevant link to your site in the relevant part of its content. Finally, links to your own content can help link pages for both Google and your visitors, making each page more valuable. If you have an official page and a link to another page on your site, it helps visitors find another page and passes some amount of weight. This will help this second page to increase search engine rankings.

9. Social Signals
The official word for Google is that social shares are not a direct ranking factor. Links from Twitter or Facebook are not considered links from other reputable sites.

However, it cannot be denied that the top-ranked pages in Google search results usually have a lot of common resources- perhaps because the more your content is published, the more people will see it and decide to share a link to it. This means that getting more social share helps your ranking in search engines, at least indirectly.

10. Real business information
This advice by SEO agency is important for businesses targeting specific local points. The absence or presence of business information on your website is one of the most important ranking factors.

Therefore, it is essential to look after areas as:

1. Business listings on Facebook and Google My Business

2. NAP – name, address, phone number

3. Reviews on these sites and in relevant directories such as Google reviews and other

4. Correct local search conditions

7 Off page SEO Techniques That Are Helpful to Bring Ranking

Search engine optimization is a technique which will help to improve the traffic to your website to help you rank as high as possible on search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo, etc. SEO can help in two different ways to improve your website rankings

1.On Page SEO: This refers to all the activities you do on your website to help you rank higher such as title, content, meta tags, etc.

2. Off Page SEO: This refers to all the activities you do off your website to help you rank higher such as social media activities, influencer activity, blogging, etc.

You can easily hire an SEO service company to help you with effective ways to increase your page ranking through off-page SEO activities-

1.Social Networking Platforms
Social media platforms are bigger than ever today! Also known as online reputation management, this involves advertising on social media to market and build your online reputation. You can make brand pages and accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

2.Social Media Influencer Activity
This is one of the best ways to promote your brand online! By sending a PR package of your products to one or multiple social media influencers, you give their followers a reason to visit your website.

3.Blog Marketing
Blog marketing is when you post comments on other blogs which are similar to yours. This allows you to add a link in the comments. These links can be crawled by the search engines, which helps bring traffic to your website.

4.Photo Sharing
If you have got a special photoshoot done for your products, then you can share them on websites such as Picasa, Flickr, Photo Bucket, etc. People who use these websites regularly will see these images and are most likely to follow the link to your website.

5.Video Marketing
The same way you have shared your photos, if you have shot any videos for your website you can upload the same videos on websites like YouTube, etc. This also allows people to follow and be updated with your content.

6.Answer Questions
Actively participate in answering questions on websites like Quora, Yahoo, etc. By answering relevant questions as per your website niche, you will be able to build up your company’s reputation. You can even paste the link to your website, so people can easily find your site. This way you will only increase the popularity of your website.

7.Search Engine Submission
Search engine ranking takes time. To speed up this process you can submit your website to the most popular search engines Yahoo, Google, etc.

If you are looking for Search Engine Optimization services, then find a good company which will provide you with both on page SEO as well as off page SEO services which will benefit your business and get you the ranking you need on search engine result pages.

An Effective Guide About Citations For SEO

It is the most common question in the industry been asked by a novice. What is a citation? How does that work for SEO?

To simplify, citations are mentions of a business name on other relevant websites that adds value to your money site. It may include a link pointing to your website but it is not important. When the citations are built, Google is considering it to examine the authority of your business website. Citations play a vital role when you want your business to appear in Google as “Best SEO company”.

Let’s dig deeperPartial and Full Citation

For a business website mention of a business name can be further divided into the partial and full citation. Partial is one that includes only a small portion of NAP i.e. Name, Address and Phone Number. This is quite good rather not having a citation.

The full citation is one which comprises complete NAP details which are important for a business to improve its visibility on the web. When all the details of a business are mentioned on listing sites, it builds a trust factor in the eyes of search engine.

Why citations are important for SEO?

You must have seen that top SEO companies focus on building citations to improve their organic search visibility. It is pretty much significant for every online business because the mention of a website is a part of Google search algorithm which helps search engine to prioritize your website in terms of rank amongst the competition.

In simple words, for local business entities who want to achieve ranking on keywords. If your website has more citations than others then the chances to show above others is high in search engine result pages.

How does it help for SEO?

Citations help online businesses to improve visibility when users are looking for the services you offer. When the consistency of the NAP details is maintained, reviews added periodically, listing on Google My Business page, existing website content and popularity of a website are few other factors which must be considered. Several important criteria work together to build trust for your business as a local service provider.

To build accurate citations it is always advisable to ask an expert from the best SEO company to make sure you get expected results.

Availing Local SEO Services in Dubai Managing your Business Online

Want to increase the visibility of your web page? You can now establish a new business in Dubai knowing that you get a good online presence. It’s easy to opt for local SEO Dubai that brings in the confidence, as you can become the real entrepreneur. You need to find a reputed agency where an SEO expert takes care of all your needs ensuring that you give your business a new start in Dubai.

Finding the Right SEO Agency

First, you need to a trusted SEO agency ensuring that they handle all your works efficiently. SEO helps your site to get a better rank in the search engines and thus you can now reach your target audience engaging more visitors to your site. In this way, you can enhance the overall business opportunities that give you the confidence to go ahead.

9 Types of Contents Boosting your SEO Page

Here are given 9 types of contents promoting your SEO campaign:

1. Writing the FAQ contents becomes an important thing that boosts your local SEO. Include the necessary facts that help users to know the features in detail.

2. It’s good to frame short-form and evergreen articles that inspire readers to go through the whole piece learning what you want to say.

3. You can create a blog column where you can write articles on different concepts. Make sure you update the blog on a regular basis that helps users to learn new things.

4. You can include pictures and graphics that make the contents more interesting to the readers. Also, you can describe the facts through animated images that help readers to find it interesting and they would go through the details of the products and services you offer.

5. Next, you can write the content in a question and answer format, as it creates a different view making readers feel motivated to learn what the article says.

6. Don’t forget to write an introduction to the article that describes what you are going to say in the whole content. Also, it helps readers to get an overview of the article before they start reading.

7. Do proper research before writing an article that helps you to include all the interesting facts. It makes readers feel good and they would read the content till the end that makes you feel great as a writer.

8. Always write nice product descriptions that help users to know what you are offering and accordingly they can make the right choice. You need to write the details of the products ensuring that a buyer feels confident to add it to the cart.

9. It’s good to write keyword-based articles that help you to target users who are searching with similar words.

Local SEO services Dubai includes all the above-mentioned features and it’s always important to create a content that boosts your SEO campaign. In this way, you can comprehend the importance of writing contents increasing the visibility of your site online.