5 Task an SEO Consultant does!!

Nowadays internet has become a very important part of our lives. People surf the internet daily for hours. Many businesses and organizations have started promoting their products and services online. They find it more convincing way as people are very influenced by the internet. But getting maximum clicks on your website is not that easy. You have to follow google’s guideline to stay in the battle. Here comes the role of an SEO consultant. Search Engine Optimization consultant helps the companies to rank their websites on the top results of Google. Every big and small business need the help of an SEO consultant to boost the reach of their website. Here are some tasks which an SEO consultant does.

Fulfill client’s objective: SEO first understands the objective of their client. What does the client really want from the SEO campaign, is the base of the whole planning. An SEO campaign can only succeed when the goal of the campaign is clear. SEO consultants do research for the campaign and plan the whole strategy accordingly.

Examines websites: Once the objective of the campaign is clear, SEO consultant start examining the website of the client to get the loophole and where the corrections are needed. They also examine the websites of the client’s competitors to compare the services of both and to know the plus point of the client.

Search Keywords: Keywords play an important role in the SEO world. It is the keywords which improve the rank of a website. SEO Consultants do their research on the keywords which are trending or the surfers search the most. Then they provide those keywords to the content writers to add in the website content.

Plan for ranking: SEO consultant prepare for all the tasks in advance. They decide the timings of each post and content that when it should go live on the website. They keep their close eye on the website’s ranking and whenever they see a fall in the ranking they active upload the latest content on the website to gain the ranking back.

Timely updates: An SEO check the website of the client timely so that he can identify if any change or update is required on the website. He also ensures that all the recent data and statistics have been updated on the website. He can also suggest some changes in the website which he thinks can be improved to attract more clients.

To complete all the above tasks on time an SEO has to be multi-tasking and intelligent enough to take instant decisions. It is a job which includes lots of responsibilities. SEO is a new industry and there are many things to explore. There is no special degree or qualification required to join the field. A graduate or masters degree holder can also become an SEO.